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Asriel awake was a Caucasian colored kit with the ethnic baby in mind. He was sculpted in 2014. I had many comment about the fact that they missed out on him. So I decided to sculpt another head of him... asleep!  I also changed his arms from 3/4 to full arms in the asleep version of this kit.  The belly plate was modified to not be anatomically correct so this kit can be either a boy or a girl.

~ At A Glance ~

~ Asriel Asleep is 19'' long with really bent ''froggy'' legs, 21'' long if they were straight
~ He has full arms and full legs
~ Belly Plate included in kit (not anatomically correct)
~ Cloth body included in kit
~ His head is 13 1/2'' diameter

Kit includes: Head, Full Arms, Full Legs, Belly Plate, Cloth Body and COA

I have some wonderfully talented ladies who did the Prototypes for this kit:

Jorja Pigott
Kat Magistri
Kate Charles
Lilia Ziems
Beata Wierzbicka
Australia / New Zeland - Tiny Tots Nursery
Canada Dealer - Macpherson Arts & Crafts
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Asriel Asleep

 Asriel Asleep is a Caucasian colored kit with the ethnic baby in mind.
~ Asriel ~
Meaning: Helped by God; Led by God
Pronounced: (ASH ree el)

Asriel Asleep
Kit includes: UNPAINTED Head, Full Arms & Legs, Tummy plate, cloth body and COA.
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