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PreOrders are Open October 15th -27th
Pre-Order Options
Kit includes: Head, Full Arms & Legs, Tummy plate, cloth body and COA. Balance + shipping will be billed upon arrival of kit.

Camilo will be a LE vinyl kit of 650 and a small edition of COMPLETED silicone babies (sold by me at a later date). Pre-Orders begin September 11th - September 22nd.

Purchase price for these kits will be $110.00 USD on my website.  Dealers may choose to add in customs fees/shipping costs into their fees.  

~ At A Glance ~

~ Camilo is 24 1/2'' long
~ he has full arms and full chunky legs
~ Belly Plate included in kit(not anatomically correct)
~ Cloth body included in kit
~ His head is 15 1/2'' diameter
~ eyes required: 18mm flat back (not included)
I  have some wonderful Ladies doing the prototypes!  They are:

Kat Magistri
Angela Plicka
Deanna Flynn
and Myself (Mine will not be for sale)