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FBS Gracelynn by LLE
FBS Charli
FBS Remington

~ At A Glance ~

~ James is Young Toddler size at 26'' long
~ He has full arms and full legs
~ Cloth body included in kit
~ His head is 15 3/4'' circumference
~ Eyes required are 20mm (not included)

~ Kit includes a head, full arms, full legs, cloth body and COA

If you use plugs and rings for your babies (not included in kit) sizes are as follows:

Head 40mm Plug and 65mm Ring
Legs 40mm Plug and 65mm Ring
Arms 25mm Plug and 45mm Ring

I have some wonderfully talented ladies did the Prototypes for this kit:

Jorja Pigott
Lilia Ziems
Jacqueline Kramer
Nicole Russell
Carla Gentile

I am so excited to see each one of their rendition of this sweet kit.

***THIS KIT DOES NOT COME WITH A TUMMY PLATE*** However, I do have a tummy plate that will fit this kit. Prices for this plate, IF ORDERED WITH THE KIT, is $12.00.  Otherwise these plates are $25.00 each sold seperately.

(If there is no dealer in your area, contact your dealer and have them contact me so that we might be able to work together.)

Australia / New Zeland: Tiny Tots Nursery -
Canada: Macpherson Arts & Crafts -
Germany: Once So Real -
Norway Dealers: Wench Reborn Baby -
Spain - Ana Mendez La abuelita del Bebe'
USA Dealers: Pigott's Playpen -
United Kingdom Dealers: Debbie's Reborn Doll Kits -
In Stock Now!
below is the $99.00 for the KIT ONLY (no plate).  
below is the $111.00 for the KIT WITH BELLY PLATE.  
Kit includes: Head, Full Arms & Legs, cloth body and COA.
Unpainted kit will come UNASSEMBLED and with NO eyes