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HERE SHE IS!!!  Please welcome FBS Sara

I am SO excited with this sweet little girl!!


All of these photos are of her WITHOUT ARMATURES. I wanted to show how posable she was without them. I do offer armatures as an option at an additional cost.


You can see more photos here:




You can watch a video of her soft blend, as well as see her with the armatures here.


Please let me now if you have any questions.


~ About Sara ~


~ sculpted by Jorja Pigott

~ poured in soft blend platinum silicone by Pigott's Playpen LLC

~ length about 19"

~ weight - about 9 lb

~ head circumference 14 1/2"

~ chest circumference 15"

~ circumference at belly button 14"

~ legs 7" from inner thigh to ankle

~ arms 6" from shoulder to wrist

~ feet 3" long by one 1/2" wide

~ limited edition size TBD

~ Armatures available for an additional cost:

arms only - $150

arms and legs - $250

~ Poured as a girl, I can offer a boy option - $50 additional cost

~ base color options are: Caucasian, Biracial, or Ethnic

~ This is a pour on demand sale,  that means the silicone will not be poured until you have placed your order.  Since these are customized based on your order, please keep in mind it will take 2-4 weeks for shipment.  I will be in contact with you often to keep you updated on the process.


Blank kits will be $1,300.00


I will also be painting and offering completed babies at my discretion.

I will have some blank kits available at Dolls Of the World Expo

I will be at table #16

Full Body Silicone Sara BLANK UNPAINTED Kit

  • Terms and Conditions:
    * By clicking the purchase button, Payment in full of $1,300 USD (possibly more if you added any addition options), less shipping/insurance, has been agreed upon by both buyer and seller.
    * All payments are to be made through PayPal.
    * A separate invoice will be sent for the shipping/insurance cost (you can email me and I can add it all onto one invoice if you prefer)
    * Payment is considered 100% agreement to terms and solidifies payment contract agreement above.
    * There are NO refunds, transfers or returns once payment is made. This handmade baby will be off the market and not available to anyone else based on the agreement in these terms.
    * Baby will ship once  payment is made and  invoice for shipping/insurance is paid and the pour is completed as well.
    * Customs/Duty Fees, if any, are the responsibility of the Buyer.

    You can see a video of her here.



    *I know that there is a billing charge coming up on invoices.  If it is more than it should be, it will be credited back to you.  If it is short, I will invoice you the difference.  INSURANCE is required.

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