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~ About Tomas~

Meaning: "Twin"

Origin: Hebrew
Pronounced: ''TOM-uhs"


  • Sculpted by Jorja Pigott 
  • Limited Edition Vinyl Kit - only 250 worldwide!
  • Length: about 19" long with bent legs; 21" if legs are straight
  • Full Limbs
  • Head Circumference:  about 14 3/4''
  • Requires 20mm flat back eyes (not included)
  • Kit includes: UNPAINTED, UNASSEMBLED Head, Full Arms, Full Legs, Cloth Body, belly plate and COA 
  • ON MY WEBSITE: Only Tomas with Mix & Match Limbs (pictures labeled) exclusively available at
  • Once this edition is sold out, there will be a small, limited edition of Tomas produced in silicone and sold ONLY through Pigott's Playpen LLC



If you use plugs and rings for your babies (not included in kit) sizes are as follows:

Head – 40mm Plug and 65mm Ring
Legs – 40mm Plug and 65mm Ring
Arms – 25mm Plug and 45mm Ring

Tomas Limited Edition of 250 worldwide

SKU: 0
$108.00 Regular Price
$58.00Sale Price
  • Kit includes: UNPAINTED, UNASSEMBLED head, full arms and legs, cloth body, belly plate and COA. 


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