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Hello, welcome to Pigott's Playpen! Thank you for taking the time to stop in and take a peek at my babies. My name is Jorja Pigott. I was born in Oklahoma and raised in Texas by my Mom (who I adore!) since I was five.  I moved to North Carolina in May of 2000.  I am a mother of 3 wonderful boys, and have a beautiful Daughter-in-love and 3 beautiful grandchildren.  My husband, Mike, and my family have been very patient and supportive while I followed my dream. I enjoy family time on the soccer field, at the lake, at church, or just staying at home playing board games.  I am a strong believer in God, family and faithful friendships.

I grew up a tomboy so I was a late bloomer when it came to playing with dolls.  So I always tell my friends that I am reliving my childhood through these babies.  My sister introduced me to reborning in February of 2005.  I was instantly hooked to the art.  Though I had always been the “crafty” type, this was something that I found myself deeply rooted to.  After being in the art for a couple of years, I began thinking of how fun it would be to sculpt some of these babies myself.  In February 2009, when the reborning market slowed due to the economy, I decided this was my opportunity to learn to sculpt.  I bought the “How To” DVD’s and supplies and couldn't wait to start.  After my first sculpt, I couldn't wait to do more.  I had found my passion.  

I absolutely love sculpting babies.  I am continuously trying to improve and achieve that realistic expression, or pose.  It is hard to explain the self-fulfillment and pride I feel when I see a piece of clay become such a sweet little baby, knowing that I sculpted it myself.  Newborns grow and change so quickly, we find ourselves missing those precious little expressions and adorable features.  Those expressions and sweet little features are what I want to capture and share in each and every one of my sculpts.  Real babies are a magnet, attracting people to them with their beauty and innocence.  That is my goal with sculpting, to draw attention to the art of sculpting and reborning.  I want to appeal to every doll collector out there, in hopes that they would be proud to own a sculpt by me.

In early 2020 I embarked on pouring my own silicone.  I have painted silicone since 2010, my first silicone Lauren and painting other Artists work as well.  I love painting silicone and experimenting with colors.  I decided to finally face the challenge of molding and pouring my own in late 2019. With COVID causing the vinyl shipping to slow, it gave me the time to work on my adventure.  As of to date (July 2022) I have poured 4 of my Full Body Silicone Editions and 2 Partial Silicone Editions. I love being able to create my own base colors, allowing me to create many unique pieces of art.

Jorja Pigott

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