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~ About Coltan Blu ~


  • Sculpted by Jorja Pigott
  •  US Copyright on file
  • Limited Edition Vinyl Kit of 800 Worldwide (with a possible small silicone edition of 10 + 2 AP once vinyl is sold out)
  • Kit includes: Head, Full Limbs, Cloth Body and COA
  • Belly Plate is an option with additional cost
  • Head Circ: 13 ½”
  • Length: 18” (19” if legs were straight)
  • Eyes required: 18 mm flat back (not included)
  • Kit includes: UNPAINTED, UNASSEMBLED Head, Full Arms, Full Legs, Cloth Body and COA 


You can see the prototypes here:

Prototype Artists:

#1/6 - Symara Feitosa

#2/6 - Angela Plicka

#3/6 - Amy Phipps Williams

#4/6 -  Beatriz Clemente

#5/6 - Alexa Calvo

#6/6 - Jorja Pigott

Coltan Blu Limited Edition of 800 Worldwide

  • Kit includes: UNPAINTED, UNASSEMBLED head, full arms and legs, cloth body and COA. 

    Belly plate is available at an additional cost.

  • All sales are final. I do not offer returns or refunds.

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